College Advising Services

At Crossover Consulting Group, we are entirely focused on “fit”. Our experienced counselors have been in the industry for many years and we measure our “wins and losses” not so much on where our clients get admitted, but rather — where they stay matriculated.  You will find many advisors and consultants out there who will tell you about their connections and their capacity to get young people into certain places they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. If that is what you are looking for, then CCG is probably not right for you. However, if finding the most ideal post-secondary experience possible for your child is what you’re interested in, we want to work with you. To schedule an appointment to discuss your child, please click HERE.

At Crossover Consulting Group, our college advisors will offer:

  • Extensive interviews to identify FIT.  Goals, interests, values and strengths important to your student (and you) in choosing colleges and universities
  • Customized list of college options (or other post-secondary choices, often known as a Gap Year). 
  • Guidance in college application preparation including support in navigating the Common Application
  • Brainstorm topics and editing/proofreading of essays    
  • Interview and campus visit support
  • Support for financial aid, scholarship (including filing of FAFSA and CSS Profile) and decision-making process.

Our Service can be offered on a Full Package Basis (best value), a Modified Package (Minimum of four hours in person), or an hourly rate.

  • Full Package (starts in 11th grade and carries you through college acceptance time).
  • Modified Package (offered in 4 or 6 hour discounted rates)
  • 8th to 10th Grade Guidance
  • Private School Placement (for domestic and international students)
  • Students with Learning Differences

All services can be offered via video conferencing if in-person consultation is not feasible.