CCG Philosophy

While many of our consultants have athletics and a healthy lifestyle as part of their background, the crossover effect we often refer to not only applies to athletics, it applies to every aspect of life. There are certain essential, fundamental skills and attitudes that determine a great deal of the success that we achieve in everything we do as people.

These skills can be developed in a number of ways, and once in place, they benefit us across board in every aspect of our lives.  We formed Crossover Consulting Group (CCG) with the mission of identifying, embracing, teaching, and developing these crossover life skills in children and adults of all ages. Whether through sport and physical literacy program development, life coaching, college advising, academic tutoring, or athletic training, our goal is to help people better themselves in ways that will affect everything they do. These essential and crucial life skills impact our decisions and actions on a daily basis, and at CCG our goal is to help clients maximize their potential through the development of these skills and programs.