Hybrid/Home School Virtual Support and Supervision

Many families are facing a hybrid or home school situation without the capacity to monitor their children’s progress throughout the day. Whether you are in the home working remotely or you are at an offsite location, our Virtual Support and Supervision can be an ideal option when cost is prohibitive to have in-person home support.

Our virtual support and supervision can be tailored to individuals and/or cohorts.* Our mentors will get students moving throughout the day, will help them understand, organize and prioritize work assignments, and address specific challenges that might come up throughout each day.

*Cohorts are small groups of like-aged students, sometimes referred to as “pods”.

Kerry Boyle, CCG President of Academic Services, gives an overview of our Hybrid/Home School Virtual Support and Supervision Program

Our virtual support and supervision services is best suited for students grades 3-8 and typically includes one of our mentors providing the following at a minimum:

  • At least two virtual check-ins throughout the school day via Zoom (or some other agreed upon video platform)
  • Text support as needed throughout the day
  • Two 10-to-15-minute sessions (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) to monitor school-work progress, lead discussion (if in a cohort) and answer any questions
  • Do a live BrainErgizer™ (movement and mindfulness break) Mentors are trained by coaches at our sister company, 2-4-1 Sports.
  • In person virtual support scheduled at a mutually convenient time for student(s) and mentor
  • If requested, a text or email to parents informing you of a safe check-in
  • An alert to parents if child does not report for their scheduled time slot
  • Can choose individual support or build a cohort among siblings and other families
  • Recap with parents each week to update on progress as well as set/reestablish goals for upcoming week
  • Extended hours can be added beyond the school day

As with all of our services, we see “fit” as one of the most important components of developing connections. We do our absolute best during the intake process to be sure to find the best fit between mentor and student(s) as possible. We consider the interest and experiences of both the mentor and the student(s) in making that match!

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It should be noted that the age at which you leave your child home alone is indeed a personal one. Please note that some states have clear laws for the minimum age, while others have “recommended” minimum ages. We like the chart provided HERE that has suggested guidelines as well as current state laws for leaving children home alone. This service is not intended to act as a replacement for childcare, but it can serve as a way to help you monitor your child’s progress throughout the day.

This program offered in partnership with a our sister company, 2-4-1 Sports.