Tutoring Rates – Our Tiered Model

We recognize that while most students could benefit from assistance, not everyone has the same means to pay for that assistance – nor does everyone need the same level of assistance. With that in mind, we have developed a tiered model to help meet any budget but that allows all to access some level of support.

Please note that because of the pandemic, more than 90% of our tutoring is currently being done virtually using secure platforms.

High School Helpers

All our High School Helpers (HSH) must have a B or better average across all subjects and be involved in at least two extra-curricular activities. HSH’s work directly with elementary and middle school students on homework assistance, study skills, and content specific classes like math, science, and world languages.

Cost is only $23.00 per hour – and can be offered in half hour increments.

University Mentors

Our University Mentors are currently enrolled at an accredited four-year college or university and must have a 3.0 or higher GPA. University Mentors offer similar support to our HSH’s but can also assist current high school students with content specific course work. Because many of these courses were recently taken by our University Mentors and are often pre-requisites for their current course work, they are in a unique position to offer relevant support and are able to help students fight through the challenges that get many high school students stuck.

*Please note that rates may be higher for tutors offering support for high level subject specific courses (eg. AP Sciences, AP Math, AP Languages, Honors courses, IB Courses, etc.).

*$35.00 per hour

Teacher Tutors

We have recruited many of the finest educators available who all come with classroom teaching experience and are passionate about helping children succeed. All have at least a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and many with post-graduate degrees as well. Our Teacher Tutors work with students of varying needs and skills from elementary age all the way through high school.

$69.00 per session

Premier Practitioners

We have a limited number of select tutors available who have more than 20 years of classroom teaching and over a decade’s worth of one on one tutoring experience. These Premier Practitioners often have a waiting list and work on specific content or skills. Please contact us for the rates of our Premier Practitioners as they range from $95 to $210 per session depending on the content area and their availability.

To learn more about the services of our Tutors – click HERE!