The following are a list of Crossover Consulting Group’s affiliate organizations:

2-4-1 Sports

The National Association of Physical Literacy

The Quality Coaching Collective

Besides the countless number of individuals we have worked with, the following is a sampling of organizations that Crossover Consulting Group and/or its affiliates have consulted with:

The University of Connecticut

The American Council on Exercise

The Aspen Institute

Whittle School and Studios

Boys and Girls Club of America

Changing the Game Project

PE Central

Denver Public Schools

Paradigm Sports

Sport and Society Program of the Aspen Institute

Emerson Public Schools

West Hartford Public Schools

Farmington Parks and Recreation

Suffield Academy

Kingswood Oxford School

Monroe Public Schools

International Physical Literacy Association

Hartford Public Schools

Springfield College

Grace Academy

Central Connecticut State University

University Passport

Drazen Educational Consulting

Husky Sport

Town of New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

The Independent Day School

George Washington University

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